About the Party

We are a political group working to reform the Ann Arbor city government. Our platform is based on civil liberty, efficient government, environmental preservation, and legal equality.

Contact us at information@mixeduseparty.com

We are working to:

Reform the zoning code.

We will work to replace the current single-use zoning system with a system based on mixed use zoning. Our zoning plan will:

Make housing more affordable

Protect the Environment

Protect residents from harmful land uses.

Repair Roads, Sewers, and Light Poles.

We will quickly repave roads and repair damaged water pipes and light poles. The zoning plan will allow more people to live inside the city, which will grow tax revenues faster than infrastructure expenses that have large fixed costs regardless of the number of people using roads, lights, and sewers. The zoning plan will also legalize private parking structures, which will allow the city to stop subsidizing public parking structures. That money will instead be used for necessary services.

Prevent Crime and Strengthen Civil Liberties.

We will use police resources to stop violence, theft, and property destruction. We will add street lights and lower 911 response times. We will not use police money or time to punish people who have not harmed others. If an action is harmless unless it is performed improperly, then we will make only the improper form of the action illegal.

Use Tax Money for Public Purposes with Public Oversight.

Tax money should only be used for necessary services that individuals cannot easily obtain without the city government. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether an expenditure is a necessary service or a private benefit. In those cases, elected officials should have the final authority to decide whether to spend, so that citizens can vote them out of office if they misuse the public’s money. Currently, the Downtown Development Authority is an unelected board. The board members use tax money to invest in public and private construction. If the construction raises property values within the downtown, the board gains control of the new tax revenue that would otherwise go to the city, the school district, and other local governments. This is called tax increment financing, and we will abolish it.

3 thoughts on “About the Party

  1. Kidada Malloy

    I just read about the Mixed Use Party in The Michigan Daily article and I am completely amazed at the action your party is taking to advocate for student interests by running for City Council! I am amazed at how UM students are actively fighting to take back the city and reform city laws that impact off-campus student affairs. I am an undergraduate transfer student living off-campus, and I would love to get involved with the mixed use party campaign. Is there any way I can offer some assistance? Thank you!

    Kidada Malloy

    1. mixeduseparty Post author

      Thanks Kidada.

      It would be great to have more political organizers and people who want to work on policy.

      You and anyone else interested should email information@mixeduseparty.com or come to our monthly meetings. We meet at 8:00 PM the last Sunday of every month, and there will be a post about the location when the time gets closer.


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